F&B Supervisor

2 years
Starting Date.
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Control and supervise their area of responsability (Bar or Restaurant) and the customer service tasks to be carried out. 

Responsabilities and tasks

To offer the highest standard of service to the guests. 

- Mise en place: To collaborate in the preparation and cleaning of the workstation, equipment and facilities. 

- Collaborates in the execution of the service assigned to him/her with special attention to the customer. 

- De-cluttering of the service and cleaning of the workstation. 

- Preparing the next service. 

- Cashier duties ( welcoming the customer, managing the cash register/tpv, dismissing the customer).

In the case of acting as Bar Manager, in addition to the functions described above, you will also carry out the following tasks: 

- Manage the bar room service. 

- Establish the corresponding planning of activities to be carried out by the staff in charge. 

- Execute in a qualified, autonomous and responsable manner the sale, distribution and service of drinks in the bar, as well as the preparation of cocktails.

- Preparing all types of drinks, differentes types of cocktails and mixed drinks. 

- Examining and controlling the stock of goods.

In case of acting as Restaurant Manager. in addition to the duties described above, you will also perform the following tasks: 

- Taking over the service of the restaurant. 

- Ensure that the restaurant area is always in order, collaboratiing with the other departments whenever theis work allows them to do so.

- Mastering to perfection the direct service and from auxiliary table. 

- Transmit your knowledge to your tema, making them perfect collaboratiors. 

- Inform the client about the preparation of the different dishes on the menu. 

- Advise on the wine list. 

- Manage and control the processes defined for the development of the service. 


Knowledge and experience

- Diploma/as Escuela Hostelería y Turismo, Técnico Superior Formación Profesional en Hostelería. 

- Compulsory HACCP training.

- User level computer skills. 

- Knowledge of cooking, pairing, cocktails, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

- Knowledge of languages: English, Spanish. A thitd language would be an advantage. 

- Minimum two years' experience in a similiar position. 

Skills requirer for the position

- Problem solving and decision making skills, 

- Service orientation and excellent organisational skills. 

- Positive attitude and excellent communication skills. 

- Ability to manage teams. 

- Able to work under pressure and remain calm in difficult situations. 

- Time availability.

- Dynamic person. 

- People skills. 

- Good memory.

The hotel offers continuous training, uniform, uniform clenaing, meals per shift, locker and being part of a team with a passion fot hospitality and genuine customer service. 

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