Virens Bar

A gourmet, yet casual proposal for those who know how to enjoy.

A tradition turned green

Discover this new way of enjoying, led by Rodrigo de la Calle, with a careful selection of classic tapas and the best flavours of green cuisine.

Monday to Sunday: 11am - 11pm

Between the traditional and the green

Discover the most classic tapas of our country in an authentic way. An explosion of the most iconic flavours but in the Virens style, with many flavor and texture contrasts in their greenest tapas.

Open up your palette with a spicy touch from their famed kimchi pasties, enjoy the richness of their spinach croquettes, or discover true tradition with our celeriac omelette, a classic touch with an explosion of local flavor. 

Experience an innovative menu and enjoy Rodrigo de la Calle's haute cuisine in a more informal way.

To enhance the experience

A meal paired with creative house-made cocktails that will heighten the sensory experience, like sparkling and fermented drinks. Remember to include a comprehensive selection of organic and biodynamic wines in addition to the best signature cocktails.

Visit Virens Bar and experience a genuine custom from 11:00 a.m. until 23:00 p.m.

We offer a green experience

At Virens Bar, we repurpose food to create fresh iterations of each drink. We employ the less desirable parts of vegetables to generate probiotic and natural drinks, as well as unique cocktails like our mead, celery cava, and beetroot wine, or blackberry kombucha, passion fruit, and chocolate with coffee.

Our wine list, which aims to provide a full culinary experience, reflects the same philosophy and features a variety of wines, including natural, biodynamic, and organic options.

Our drink selection is a reflection of our chef's dedication to using dependable ingredients that are selected with consideration for the environment.