Get ready for an unprecedented experience – the Blue Moon Yoga Rave at Hotel Almanac X on August 19, 2024! Join us for midnight yoga under the mystical blue moon, accompanied by the beats of the best DJs in town.

You can enjoy this night with our special package which includes: 

  • Ticket to Blue Moon Yoga
  • Cool drinks
  • Accommodation: 1 night stay in selected room category with breakfast


Immerse yourself in a unique blend of spirituality and euphoria as you practice yoga beneath the celestial glow of the Blue Moon. This is not your typical yoga class – it's an extraordinary session designed to elevate your senses and connect you with the cosmos. Experience the energy of a powerful soundsystem that will resonate through your being, transforming the yoga session into a rhythmic journey. Let the beats guide your movements and create a harmonious union of body and music. Be the first to experience this unique and historic event. Capture the moment, share the vibes, and let the Blue Moon Yoga Rave become a memorable chapter in your personal history.

Save the date – August 18, 2024 – for an extraordinary night at Hotel Almanac X. This is more than an event; it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to merge the spiritual with the sensational. Don't miss out on this cosmic celebration – join us under the Blue Moon!


21.30 - Open doors w. drinks

22:00 - Yoga session with Klara 

23:15 - Afterparty with the whole gang

00:30 - End of the party

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