Spring in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain Barcelona Spain

The spring in Barcelona is a season full of colors, terraces, nice weather and good atmosphere. 

During the month of April, Barcelona hosts the Bridal Fashion Week, the world's bridal leading event with the presence of the main bridal brands. From 17 to 21 April, BBFW will present catwalks and shows from around 30 designers, that can be only accessed through invitation. It will be attended by more than 360 brands and will welcome the central hub for businesses and networking, bringing together professionals, buyers and entrepreneurs. 

Almanac Barcelona participates as the partner hotel of the BBFW, so guests staying in one of our top-suites will have the opportunity to attend this exclusive event (limited invitations, subject to availability).

About Spring in Barcelona

One of the most important days in Catalonia is 23 April, the day of Sant Jordi (Saint George's day), patron saint of Catalonia. It is a popular celebration that mixes culture and romanticism, where it is traditional for couples to gift each other books and roses. The streets of the city fill with people and stands, as well as literary activities such as workshops and recitals.

During the day you can also enjoy the traditional Catalan dances, sardanes, as well as the popular castellers (human towers) in places like Plaça Sant Jaume to celebrate the Patron Saint of Catalonia. 


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You can find all kinds of events in Barcelona all year long.

La Mercè is the patron saint of Barcelona, it is an annual festival and popular celebration held in public places all over the city, it has a huge program of events and traditional activities such as human castles, street parades or concerts.

You can enjoy this traditional festival between September 22nd and 25th.

During this month, visitors can enjoy the different Christmas markets that the city offers, the most relevant are Santa Llúcia Market and Sagrada Familia Market. 

People can visit the Barcelona traditional Christmas nativity scene, which is held in Marès Museum.

If you visit Barcelona during this month, it is a must to go for a walk around its streets to see the Christmas lights and decoration. You will find ice skating rinks, one of them located in the iconic Modernist enclosure of Sant Pau, where a Christmas light spectacle takes place.

What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of activities to offer during the whole year. If you plan to visit on the first month of the year, here are some things that you might not want to miss: 

In February we celebrate Carnival in Barcelona. This year, it starts on February 8th, the so-called "Dijous Gras" with the "Arribo" (arrival), when the Carnival King presents himself to the crowd and, with the help of his 7 ambassadors, spreads his carnival spirit to the population. This act is followed by the parade of the Carnival King, the most important event of this festivities. From February 8th to 14th, Barcelona will be full of cavalcades, parades, parties and fun.

On February 11th, on Sant Jaume square, you will find the most typical Catalan tradition: castellers. Castells are human towers between six and ten people high, it is originally from Catalonia and was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. If you are in Bacelona on February 11th, it is worth a visit to immerse yourself in the local culture.