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Navigates emotions and healing past experiences throughout the creative process with this month's Art Therapy "No ART - without Self-love" 

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Art therapy isn't focused on the final product but on the journey to discover it.

"When my life energy is blocked, art serves as my way out," says Mag. Petra Krassnitzer, founder of create art THERAPY.

Stress and buried memories find expression, forming a bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind. Art makes visible what we don't have the words for. Under the leadership of certified holistic art therapist and Create Art Therapy founder Petra Krassnitzer, we will flow our energy through all art media, including discharging, synchronising, expressing ourselves, and surrendering. All materials and painting tools are provided on-site.

- Date: Sunday, 17 November 2024 
- Price: 190€
- Location: Heritage Rooms at Almanac Palais Vienna

Limited spots are available. Contact us at therapy@create-art.at for more information and bookings.
Art Therapy Retreats are a series of creative workshops performed on selected Sundays. Discover all the sessions at our Events & Happenings page.

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