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Grilled avocado with anchovies and summer vegetables

Avocado   ½  

Anchovies  2 fillets

Tzatziki 3 tbsp

Fermented red cabbage 20gr

Cucumber 10 gr

Mango puree 2ml

Zucchini 15 gr

Pumpkin 15gr

Tomato 1 slice / 20 gr


Grill both sides of the half avocado and the one slice of tomato.

Place tomato slice on a plate and avocado on top with the round side facing down.

Use a fruit scoop to cut the cucumber into round shapes, place on the plate, around the avocado & tomato and drizzle the mango puree over it.

Cut the pumpkin into small cubes (1.5cm), scald for 5 minutes then sauté till tender.

Spiralize 3 slices of Zucchini, grill until preferred tenderness and leave aside for cool down.

When cold, place a spoon of Tzatziki at one end of the zucchini and roll over. Place on the plate vertically as seen in the picture.

Decorate plate with fermented red cabbage.

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